Daily Quests Reward

Each wallet gets an extra 4 USDF/DAY for winning at “The Ascent”.

Daily Reward is distributed along with the rewards of the first The Ascent match of the day.
The Daily Reward along with the reward of the first The Ascent match of the day is recorded as pending on the blockchain according to the formula:
  • 2% of the rewards will be distributed to the player's Inviter (Referral Bonus). If there is no inviter or inviter is not eligible, this amount will be automatically transferred to the Treasury.
  • 3% will go to FOTA Farm.
  • Players receive 90% of the rewards, the amount will be divided into 3 and recorded in the Total Profit of 3 Hero NFTs participating in the match. Profits will be recorded in 2 currencies: USDF and FOTA.
  • The remaining reward (5%) is divided for the Landlord.