"In order to see darkness, there must be light. It's an irrevocable fact"


Aedus was one of the most powerful mages Middle-earth ever produced. He soon became the leader of the shamans and the custodian of the sacred sun temple, where humans could communicate with the Omni gods. But then the war between light and darkness came. This was something he had foretold, but he could never have imagined that it was the people he trusted the most who were responsible for the current nightmare...
Aedus was Roagon's greatest teacher and inspiration during his youth. He also considered Roagon to be his most trusted disciple and imparted all his quintessence to him. Aedus believed that with his bravery and talent, Roagon would unify the tribes of Middle-earth to usher in an era of peace and prosperity. However, everything has collapsed and now everything is just blood and tears. This is how the world has always worked and unfortunately it is not only Roagon that has fallen…

⚜️ Race: Human

⚜️ Class: Priest

Aedus was one of the most powerful mages The Earth had ever seen. He was blessed with the power of Aether from the moment he was born. When it comes to his skillset, Aedus shows expertise in controlling different elements and casting healing spells. In battles, Aedus showcases three main skills:

Skill 1: Sacred Flame

Aedus marks an enemy, dealing damage and reducing their armor by 50% for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Oathsworn

Aedus uses his intrinsic power to restore HP for each ally after each turn.

Skill 3: Immortality

Aedus grants immortality to an ally, protecting them from losing HP for a certain percentage for some time.
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