"With great power comes great responsibility. Father, I shall protect your legacy at all costs"


Alva is the only daughter of Oberon Idril, ruler of the Valley of Dreams. Alva was born living in luxury, the servants were countless. That's why Alva is always arrogant and somewhat arrogant with others. Originally a princess, Alva was very protected and loved by Oberon. But this is also the fatal weakness of Dream Valley when the Ogres took advantage of Alva's curious nature to gain access to Dream Valley's Aether power and break the magic circle created by the Elves thousands of times. this year.
That horrible event unleashed Alva's power, she was protected by Godwyn and given the power to restore order to Dream Valley, driving the Ogres out of the forest. But Alva's wound will never heal, she always blames herself for being the cause of everything, causing her father's death… But now she can't be soft, the responsibility of the Idril family, of Valley of Dreams now rests on Alva's shoulders…

⚜️ Race: Elf

⚜️ Class: Mage

Alva is an heiress of the great Elfin bloodline Idril. With ancient and forbidden spells of the Elves, along with her ingenious talents, Alva is among the most powerful mages across the entire Earth planet. When it comes to her skillset, Alva has the ability to cast spells of manifestation, mind-controlling and manipulate different kinds of godly energy. Alva always uses the Wand of the Elder Elves that she inherited from her ancestors. In battles, Alva showcases three main skills:

Skill 1: Blinding Light

Alva swings her wand, summoning an Orb that causes damage and manipulates the mind of the target, stunning them for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Dazzling Beam

Alva swings the wand in a circle, summoning a powerful ray of energy that deals huge damages to the target and one rando enemy.

Skill 3: Swindling Mist

Alva points her wand to the sky, surrounding Alva and her teammates with dense fog to stay invisible. The fog lasts until the next skill usage.
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