"My soul is not calm, but these twin blades can silently take your life"


Amaltheus is one of the Beasts of the Creek tribe, with a moderate mindset. Amaltheus was calm and lucid, and was especially loyal to Tigris. In the hands of Amaltheus are the twin swords of Inferno, which he found in a ruin at Inferno. These twin swords were originally made from the bones of the ancient land dragon Chimera. Inside they hide a huge source of dark power that can devour anyone's heart. However, with the Aether power inherited from the family, Amaltheus successfully controlled the dual swords. They became the inseparables of Amaltheus. Thanks to that, the strength of the Creek clan was greatly increased. When Tigris was absent to search for the Golden Crown in Middle-earth, it was Amaltheus who took Tigris's place to lead the Creeks to withstand another attack of Orson's legion...

⚜️Race: Beast

⚜️Class: Assassin

In battles, Aedus showcases three main skills utilizing his signature twin blade:

Skill 1: Yin Yang Horn

Active: Amaltheus uses Yin-Yang Horn to deal damage and stun his target.

Skill 2: Great Cleave Justice

Passive: Amaltheus attacks and deals critical damage to all enemies on a vertical line, deals damage to the first enemy and 50% to the others.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Battle Trance

Active: Amaltheus becomes furious and enhances his normal attack damage.
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