"You will suffer a thousand times more than what I went through"


Ciara was once a goddess of The Greenlands. Ciara descended with Leviathan and Cyril to help humans build the great Loran dynasty. But it is tragic that human greed has caused Ciara to lose everything. She was manipulated and humiliated by them using the blue crystals. Until the day Cyril and Leviathan discovered the incident, Ciara was already carrying a fetus. This is also the only demigod of the entire universe - the legendary queen Karina. However, Ciara did not know that, she aborted the pregnancy as soon as she arrived at The Nightmare. The source of the dark power of this place changed Ciara into a demon like Leviathan and Cyril.
She and her brother Cyril created hell. Now she embodies the lust and terrors of all creatures when night falls. Inside Ciara there was now only a hatred for the humans of Middle-earth.

⚜️ Race: Demon

⚜️ Class: Assassin

Ciara used to be one of the most graceful Goddesses on the Greenland.After hours of pain and suffering, Ciara grew a deep-rooted hatred for humankind. She swore to bring destruction upon anyone that dares to stand against her.

Skill 1: Mana Strike

Ciara focuses her dark energy and then releases dozens of sharp blades shaped like crescent moons. This skill has a passive effect which drains the enemy’s MP.

Skill 2: Dark Shield

Ciara swings her blades furiously and gains herself an immediate defense boost. The Darkest Shield allows Ciara to become untargetable for a short period.

Skill 3: Void Smite

Ciara destroys an opponent's energy core, dealing damage based on a percentage of their lost mana.
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