"The Fire of Hell shall bring balance to the Universe"


Cyril was one of the first three Omnis who were ordered to come down to help the people of Middle-earth in the early ages. However, after the First Calamity, he and Leviathan wandered to The Nightmare, absorbing the power of darkness and becoming the most fearsome entity in the entire universe - The Demon.
At The Nightmare, Cyril successfully forged The Inferno, a terrifying magic that is molten fireballs that can burn anything to ashes. With a grudge over the way the Omnis treated him, Cyril swore that he would one day bring Hell to cover all the universes. And that day will come soon when The Great Portal will be opened….

⚜️ Race: Demon

⚜️ Class: Assassin

Cyril - the brutal tyrant of The Nightmare - has absorbed dark energy and become the Demon Lord. He was once an Omni, the most powerful being with god-like powers and abilities. After being banished by his own race, Cyril has sworn to extinguish Greenland and destroys whoever stands in his way.

Skill 1: Devil’s Bond

Passive: After each combat, CYRIL powers himself and enhances his damage after each turn receiving damage.

Skill 2: Devil Celerity

Passive: Cyril has a certain percentage to protect himself from being targeted by enemies' abilities.

Skill 3: Total Annihilation

Active: Cyril focuses his dark energy, summons the Annihilation Skull and releases it towards the enemies, dealing 300% of damage on all enemies.
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