"An arrow has no heart, but its destination is always there."


Eira Kide is the youngest daughter of Lord Brian Kide, ruler of The Great Northern Wall and North Castle in the North. Intelligence and bravery is what people say about Eira. She always had a brave spirit, even though her father Brian Kide was a weak man. Eira Kide has been trained in various fighting skills since childhood and she is one of the most talented archers in Middle-earth. At the age of 16, events continued to fall on the Kid's family when her father and 2 brothers in turn passed away due to accidents. However, the Kides still ruled the North thanks to the arrival of Roagon, a mighty warrior of Middle-earth who had served The North Castle many years ago. And Roagon is also Eira's husband later. Although the marriage didn't last long, or to be exact, it was ruined right from the start by the arrival of the Alken cannibals. A series of events followed in succession, her newlywed husband Roagon decided to follow the call of power, leaving everything behind.
Roagon later fell in a naval battle with The Iron Fortress, and North Castle was attacked by the Assassins of Mist Island. Fortunately, the young girl escaped from the bloody massacre by following a secret path leading to the other side of the wall. Eira is then rescued by a pack of direwolves of Mount Pagos. They recognized Eira, the bloodline of the one who ruled the mountains for hundreds of years. Thanks to learning magic when Malhela was teaching Silver, Eira created ice magic herself with the help of the leader wolf Hilda. And then Eira and the wolves found their way back to Middle-earth... to regain what once belonged to the Kide family, to the North...

⚜️ Race: Human

⚜️ Class: Hunter

When it comes to her skillset, Eira has the ability to control ice and to show expertise in archery. In battles, Eira showcases three main skills:

Skill 1: Frozen Arrow

Eira casts the power of ice on her arrow, then shoots Frozen Arrow at the target enemy which deals damage and freezes them for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Blessing Magic

Eira focuses her energy, and then uses her intrinsic power to restore MP for each ally.

Skill 3(Ultimate): Triple Shot

Eira summons the most powerful form of ice powers, creates 3 Ice Arrows and shoots them straight at the enemies. This Ultimate Move deals AOE damage.