There is no room for leniency. House Draca will live forever.


Eryk Draca is a descendant of Queen Karina. After the Snjor coup, Eryk and his father Javier Draca built The Iron Fortress east of Middle-earth. Carrying the blood of a warrior, Eryk has never shown humility before his enemies. It is for this reason that although Javier is a strong general, Eryk has never been said to live in the shadow of his father. He has a bravery of his own that the soldiers at The Iron Fortress must always respect. Thanks to the leadership of his brother and father, the military balance in Middle-earth remained in the balance for a long time.
But then when Roagon appeared and challenged The Iron Fortress, things got out of control of Eryk and Javier. The naval battle ended with the death of Javier and the disappearance of Eryk. No one knows where the fate of Knight Eryk went. Only know that he later reappeared and kept hope for Middle-earth, and for the once illustrious Draca family.

⚜️ Race: Human

⚜️ Class: Warrior

Eryk was known as the most loyal guard under Silver. As for Eryk’s support, Silver could easily suppress any opponents, any dominating forces on The Earth who dared to disobey commands from Crown Londo Kingdom.

Skill 1: In The Name Of Snjor

Eryk steels himself with courage, applying a basic dispel and restoring a percentage of maximum HP for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Holy Armor

When attacked, Eryk activates his Holy Armor, granting him a chance to take less damage from enemies' normal attacks.

Skill 3: Heavenly Strike

Eryk calls upon the Might of Heaven, dealing true damage to an enemy. When an enemy hero is killed with Heavenly Strike, its cooldown is reset and mana is restored for Eryk. Otherwise, it will deal 50% of the damage.
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