“I have seen fire..a lot of fire”


Farrer is an elite cyborg warrior from The Keen clan in Modern City. The Farrer was created by the Fisher clan, who have a materialistic will to believe that magic is the cause of disaster, only science is what is really necessary for this life. Over time, the robots began to have consciousness and thoughts of their own thanks to the influence of the Aether in Middle-earth. Farrer is no exception. The robots began to think more independently as the upper classes of humans treated them as inanimate objects. And Farrer secretly gathered an army to demand justice for the Keen race.
The rebellion of Farrer and the cyborg army was also successful thanks to the division coming from within the Fisher family. The Fisher family is now divided into two factions, the greedy side following the call of money thanks to the huge profits from the arms trade led by Bevis Fischer. The other faction sided with the robot and wished for a peaceful life following Airazor Fischer. Airazor's brother Manfred Fischer succeeded in replacing human body parts with machines and became the first generation Cyborg. Manfred Fischer nicknamed himself Ironman Atomicborg M.F. The arrival of the Cyborgs brought victory to Airazor Fischer and the Keen clan. They built the Code of The Keen, where the interests of the people come first. Bevis Fischer's followers banished from Modern City.

⚜️ Race: Keen

⚜️ Class: Mech

Farrer is a mighty Keen warrior of the Modern City powered by Aether. He was made by those materialists who believed that magic was the root of all evils, only science was essential for their lives and for the universe. When it comes to his skillset, Farrer carries destruction with his catastrophic weaponry. In battles, Farrer showcases three main skills:

Skill 1: Power Shot

Farrer locks a target and releases a destructive shot, dealing damage and stunning the enemy for a short period.

Skill 2: Power Up

Farrer focuses his energy, increasing chances to deal critical damage.

Skill 3: KABOOM

Farrer raises his arms towards the sky, focusing his energy. After a short moment, Farrer releases a devastating Ballistic Missile with greater range and higher accuracy, bringing death upon all enemies.
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