"This universe needs absolute balance, I shall protect it at all costs"


Gideon is one of the most powerful Omni gods of The Greenland, he is praised by the world as the God of Strength. With the thunder hammer in his hand, Gideon alone could repel an entire army of skilled fighters. During the battle between the gods when Leviathan rebelled, it was Gideon and the Guardians of Light who put a stop to the war and banished the rebels out of the land of the gods.
But Gideon is not an invincible god. As he despised the enemy so much that he pushed an expeditionary army of Shadow Knights to death. Thanks to luck and all of his power, Gideon was able to return to Greenland safely. The seal that Gideon left at The Nightmares is still present today with the name No Man Land.
In the battle of The Darkmoon War, it was Gideon who led Guardians of Light to save Middle-earth from the danger of destruction. It was an extremely fierce battle that took place for years until the Golden Crown was found…

⚜️ Race: Omni

⚜️ Class: Mage

Gideon was among the strongest Omnis, he can easily manipulate lightning strikes from above and form catastrophic thunderstorms. Gideon was the right-hand man of the King.

Skill 1: Storm Bolt

Gideon raises his hammer, summoning lightning strikes. His rage of thunder targets one enemy and deals great damage, reducing the enemy's movement speed permanently.

Skill 2: Thunder Clap

Thunder Hammer triggers a chain lightning that deals damage and gains the sights of all invisible enemies on a vertical line.

Skill 3: Thunder Wrath

Gideon harnesses all the lightning on the planet, focusing all of them into his hammer and then bashes it onto the ground. The skill causes massive damage to all enemies.
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