“No one is born evil, even the Demon or the Omni, you only reap what you sow…that’s what I believe”


Godwyn is the most powerful and influential goddess in Middle-earth. There are many temples that have been built and blessed by the power of Godwyn. The most prominent of which is the temple of Elpida. They were granted knowledge of healing and were also allowed to hold Godwyn's mighty scepter. In addition, Godwyn has an intimate connection with the Dream Valley. During the disaster of Idril castle, it was Godwyn who gave Alva the power to fight the Ogres.
In the Greenlands, Godwyn and Kyla cleansed the toxic waters from Magic Lake while also revitalizing Waterlife's flow downstream. Despite being the goddess of forgiveness, the fact that Abaddon left the Greenlands and became one of the most notorious Demons serving the demon king Leviathan put Godwyn in torment.

⚜️ Race: Omni

⚜️ Class: Mage

Godwyn was one of the supreme gods that had an enormous influence on The Earth. There were temples built under her protection, especially the Elpida Temple, where she had bestowed the privilege of owning the powerful scepter. Godwyn also taught the mages and nuns her knowledge about the art of healing and protection.

Skill 1: God’s Blessing

Godwyn blesses an allied unit, restoring 8% of their maximum HP.

Skill 2: Serene Grace

Godwyn gives off a divine grace, reducing all enemies' attack speed.

Skill 3: Salvation

Godwyn calls upon a Divine Protection that grants all allies immunity from damage.
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