“Let the game begin…”


Despite being born an Omni, Grimm is extremely interested in death and human suffering. He always carries the name of Omni to find the battlefields of mankind. Where the tribes are fighting to secretly incite wars as well as conflicts between them. When the war between the gods and the Demon took place. Grimm became more excited than ever. He had seen a lot of horrible things at The Earth, but this was the first time he had enjoyed a feast of the blood of the gods…
After the battle between the gods, he abandoned the boring Greenland for Nightmare, where death happens every day and he will always enjoy the pain. But Grimm knew that the Demons' goal was to destroy all in order to become world hegemony. If the war ended, what would be left of the pain for him to enjoy? Of course Grimm didn't want that to happen at all and he did everything to prevent either side from really having an advantage in the battle.
With cunning and cunning, coupled with expertise, he became the only demon capable of opening the portal to Middle-earth. Also from here, Grimm arranged everything so that the battle of The Darkmoon War could take place. What is Grimm's true plot?

⚜️ Race: Demon

⚜️ Class: Warlock

Unlike Cyril, who seeks revenge on the Omnis, Grimm only becomes one of the Lords of the Nightmare to satisfy his unquenchable desire to make others suffer in agony. Grimm’s ultimate goal is to take the world into the new Dark Age where the sounds of pain and misery never cease.

Skill 1: Hush

GRIMM summons The Dark Spirit which deals damage and prevents the target from using any items and skills.

Skill 2: Soul Reaper

Grimm partially recovers a certain percentage of his maximum HP when an enemy gets defeated.

Skill 3: Reaper’s Sweep

Grimm swings his Death Scythe, sweeping through all enemies and linking them together, dealing full damage to the main target and sharing the damage to others.
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