"Killing you is something I don't want to do, but if it's the only way then… Please forgive me."


Keisha was originally an orphan born and raised by the League of Assassins of the Mist Islands. That is why since childhood Keisha learned many types of combat and assassination skills. Not only that, Keisha is also adept at some basic stealth magic by the Assassins Association, which operates under the guidance of The Sun Temple.
Keisha is one of the members sent to The North Caslte to kill everyone connected with Roagon and Malhela. But it was this event that brought Keisha to his senses. He was the one who helped Eira Kide escape from the pursuit of other assassins. Keisha then left the Mist Islands, drifting at sea for several days until witnessing a naval battle between Roagon's legion and The Iron Fortress. It can be said that, with the coincidence and compassion inside of her, Keisha played an important role in The Darkmoon War in particular and for the fate of Middle-earth in general.

⚜️ Race: Human

⚜️ Class: Assassin

No one actually knows Keisha’s identity, there are rumors that no one has ever lived upon encountering him.

Skill 1: Fatal Flaw

Keisha's attacks pierce the enemy's defenses, ignoring a certain percentage of their armor.

Skill 2: Counter Assault

Upon getting hits, KEISHA forms a barrier that returns a certain percentage of damage dealt by the enemy. The attacks ignore enemy’s defense in accordance with the level of Fatal Flaw

Skill 3 (Ultimate): True Nemesis

Keisha marks an enemy as his True Nemesis and activates his killer instincts by striking them repeatedly. Last hit deals more damage.
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