"This life is meaningless, after all, how many people understand our suffering?"


Kekor Astor was the man and only son of the Astor family from Rock Castle in Middle-earth. But tragedy fell on the Astor family when the Snjor family wanted to overthrow the Draca dynasty and did not use any tricks to make the Astor family suffer. After the mutiny, Kekor and Javier Draca retreated east to form the iron fortress The Iron Fortress. It was Kekor who witnessed the tragedy of the Draca father and son interacting with each other. And he understood the loss they had to endure. But unfortunately, Kekor also gradually lost his way and lost his way when he followed Roagon, who was later the notorious evil king Silver Draca of Middle-earth.
Under Silver's spell, Kekor became the first Ogre of Middle-earth. It was Kekor who led his army to capture Idril castle, massacred the elves here and especially took the life of Oberon Idril, the head of the Valley of Dreams. But then Kekor fell by the appearance of the god Godwyn. Later, he used his own life to help Alva open The Great Portal connecting Middle-earth with the Greenlands. Thereby helping the gods descend and drive away the demons in the battle of The Darkmoon War.

⚜️ Race: Ogre

⚜️ Class: Warrior

Once upon a time, Kekor was the Lord of Middle Earth. Kekor is Cyril's strongest right-hand man. In battles, Kekor displays three main skills:

Skill 1: All Kneel

Kekor focuses and attacks a spell, damaging and disarming an enemy hero, preventing them from attacking for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Taste of Blood

Kekor becomes frenzied and energized by his enemies' wounds, recovering some health for % of damage dealt to the enemy.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Resurrection

Upon death, Kekor will perform a Reincarnation Ritual on his own to revive him with an amount of health based on his own maximum HP. (This can only be activated once per match).
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