“Goodwill exists among all beings; we have yet to see the best in them"


Kyla the dragon was born small, but next to her there is always someone - Zel. Before going under the transformation to become the Rattle-tailed Cobra, Zel grew up with Kyla on the same old tree that crept up the side of the Jade Dragon mountain. They both shared a common interest in discovering new horizons and the best wonders of the world. On the day that Zel was banished from the kingdom of dragons, only Kyla sympathized with him. She always believes that only goodwill will bring about righteousness, and that she can bring her old friend back to Greenlands, with the original appearance that god bestowed on immortal dragons.
Although she is small, Kyla carries divine healing power. It was Kyla who used the copies from Zel to purify the water of Magic Lake and turn it into a magical place for the Greenlands. Kyla's name is also given to the magic academy in the Magic Land. During the Darkmoon War, Kyla accompanies the resisters of Middle-earth to the most dangerous places in search of the legendary Golden Crown….

⚜️ Race: Dragon

⚜️ Class: Mage

Skill 1: Crescent Moon

KYLA releases an energy source from the New Moon that deals damage to all enemy units in the area.

Skill 2: Cleansing Ring

KYLA creates a Magic Ring that removes one ally's debuffs and resists all enemy skills for a short period.

Skill 3: Lullaby Tempest

The wind from Kyla's wings creates a Sacred Lullaby, putting all enemies to sleep.