"Life is not a fairy tale, there is no such thing as a happily ever after. People will always have to live in torment until death and death is not necessarily the end."


Malhela is the younger brother of the great mage Aedus. The brothers were discovered and adopted by the Elves because of their power to control Aether's energies. With natural instincts, Aedus quickly mastered the complex spells taught by the Elves. However, Malhela is not so lucky, he does not have natural qualities like his brother, so the magic he can learn and use is also extremely limited. That's why it was difficult for Malhela to become a talented magician like Aedus. But not because of that, Malhela was discouraged, he was extremely diligent in learning and became an effective assistant for Aedus in the construction of the great Temple of the Sun.
When a mutiny in the Crow Londo dynasty broke out, Malhela and Aedus raised Roagon as a human. Later, Malhela and Roagon roamed around Middle-earth, forming the famous White Dragon army. Through many events, when hatred clouded reason, it caused Malhela to help Roagon carry out his kingly intrigues. During the Darkmoon War, Malhela herself had to pay the price for the crimes she had committed…

⚜️ Race: Human

⚜️ Class: Warlock

Malhela is Aedus’ twin. Yet, unlike Aedus, Malhela believes in the importance of fighting for peace instead of avoiding wars and battles. Malhela learned to consume power by taking the souls of powerful mages and creatures. When it comes to his skillset, Malhela shows expertise in mind manipulation and dark magic. In battles, Malhela showcases three main skills:

Skill 1: Raven Assault

Malhela summons a raven, dealing damage and stunning the enemy for a short period.

Skill 2: Enfeeblement

Malhela casts a curse with his scepter, then proceeds to mark it on a targeted enemy, making them receive more magic damage.

Skill 3: Silent Flock

Malhela curses then silences the enemy team from using skills and items.
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