"I am the king of this desert. And soon I will be king of all."


Octonus is a Beast of the Eurypterid race, settled in the barren Desert Desert. Each Eurypterid is a separate individual because they can completely tear each other and they will have a territory of their own.
If, over thousands of years, the Beasts of the Creek race gradually reduced their fury, then Eurypterid kept the original nature of The Beast. Of all the Eurypterids, Octonus can be said to be the most dominant, not only cruel, but also sinister and opportunistic. Unlike his brethren, Octonus interacts with dark powers in a very different way. It was as if that power had helped him evolve. He gained reason and thought independently, no longer a ferocious animal that hunts on instinct.
Over time, Octonus gradually gained control of the energy within himself and the Aether. Thanks to that, Octonus mastered the wild Eurypterids of The Nightmares and became the Scorpion King. Inside he was always boiling with an idea - That was to bring The Darkness back to rule the universe.

⚜️ Race: Beast

⚜️ Class: Warrior

Octonus was a Beast of the Eurypterid residing in the barren Destiny Desert. Every Eurypterid was a unique and separate individual because they each had their own territory and defended it against any intruder. When it comes to his skillset, Octonus shows expertise in controlling different elements and casting healing spells. In battles, Octonus showcases three main skills:

Skill 1: Healing Gale

A sandstorm carries Healing Potion spreading all over on allies and helps them restore HP.

Skill 2: Prey Amusement

Octonus takes advantage of one ally's death to restore HP for the rest.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Till Death

Those who dare to challenge Octonus and his allies will be forced to join in a death war with him.
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