"There shall be the only ruthless Beast of the Nightmare, it is I - Orson"


When the Demons came to Bengal, they offered an invitation to join them. As usual, Bengal rejected the evil demons because he knew they only wanted him to be a killing machine for them. Unable to compromise, a terrible war ensues. Even the mightiest Demons like Leviathan couldn't be stronger than Bengal. But a lone monster like Bengal couldn't hold out for too long in the face of the Demon's cruelty. Bengal was killed by them and hung his body to show respect. The death of Bengal has divided the ancient Beast races at The Nightmare into two camps. One side submits to the Demons is the Sentinel clan led by Orson and the other side only pursues the inherent peace led by the Creek chief, Corbetti. But in a one-on-one battle between both sides, Corbetti also died.
After the deaths of Bengal and Corbetti, the evil gang found a worthy replacement to become their guillotine, Orson. He is a true bloodthirsty monster, true to the nature of those born in The Beast. Orson is more brutal than Bengal, unlike the legendary Bengal Beast that never attacks the weaker, then for all who dare to confront Orson will be only death. However, Orson greatly admired Bengal for his strength. But that doesn't make much sense now that he's now The Nightmares' most powerful Beast...

⚜️ Race: Beast

⚜️ Class: Warrior

Large and intimidating, Orson's giant appearance does not prevent him from moving swiftly with incredible agility thanks to his effective armor design. With a pair of steel-forged claws, the great Beast General is now even more daunting thanks to his enhanced melee ability. With mighty roars that make the weaklings consciousness; with sharp claws that pierce through any armors; Orson proves himself to be a supreme ruler of nature.

Skill 1: Holy Shield

ORSON stomps on the ground and summons a sacred shield that protects himself or an ally hero from being targeted by enemies' skills and items.

Skill 2: Blight Claw

ORSON focuses the energy of nature in his palm and releases a powerful slash. This skill’s passive will reduce the enemy’s movement speed after every hit.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Lesion Metabolism

ORSON smashes the ground to pieces and unleashes the almighty power within himself, giving power to one marked ally, transforming damage suffered into extra HP.
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