"Before giving me that look of disgust, see what the noble Dragons did to me. But there's no need, you'll have a taste of it now."


Greenlands, the land that is said to be the brightest, the source of the immortal dragons. However, here exists a Mysterious Area called Magic Lake with deadly spells that no one has dared to venture into. It was also the beginning of a series of tragedies.
Zel was once a member of the Dragon clan in Greenland. Unlike his fellow humans who were taught that the Magic Lake was a taboo place for dragons, Zel was the complete opposite. Zel believes that everything in this universe can be purified with the Aether. Then tragedy happened to Zel while exploring this area. The Magical Lake District transformed Zel's body into a new form - a hideous rattlesnake.
Banished by his own kind, Zel is forced to live alone in the Magic Lake District. Hatred took over him. Silently researching magic and potions, Zel gradually perfected his body with resistance to poison and the oldest types of magic. It was also here that Zel discovered a secret Dimensional Gate. While exploring it, Zel was teleported to The Nightmare. Lonely and hungry, he was rescued by Orson in a condition that could not have been worse. Thanks to the dark power passed down by Orson, Zel gradually recovered. In return, he shared with Orson some of the knowledge he had learned about the Magic Lake in the Greenlands.
Absorbing and quickly adapting to the dark powers of The Nightmares, Zel considers himself reincarnated and sees himself as a Beast of The Nightmare rather than the noble dragon of the Greenlands. Zel's ultimate goal now is to take revenge on the Dragons of Greenland. Make all those who deserted him pay.

⚜️ Race: Beast

⚜️ Class: Chemist

Zel was once among the mighty Dragons on The Greenland. However, after his venturesome act of exploring the forbidden Magic Lake, Zel was cursed to become a hideous Bell Cobra. When it comes to his skillset, Zel has the ability to release toxins that curse the enemies. In battles, Zel showcases three main skills:

Skill 1: Venomous Spit

Zel stomps on the ground, focuses his energy, then releases streams of venom that deal damage to all enemies and decrease their movement speed.

Skill 2: Keratinization

Zel gains an absorption shield and accumulates armor after each skill usage. This is a passive skill that activates automatically. The longer the battle, the more defensive Zel gets.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Toxin Strike

Zel takes off, releases a burst of energy called The Sound of Death. Zel’s venom surrounds the target enemy, dealing damage and prohibiting them from using any skills or items.
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